Introduction and application of variable speed electric motor

  1. Variable speed electric motor are the devices that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, it is using electric coil in the magnetic field stress rotation phenomenon, which distributed in each user, motor by using the power divided into dc motor and ac motor, electric power system in most of the motor is ac motor, can be synchronous motor or induction motor (motor stator magnetic speed and rotor rotating speed is not synchronized rate).


  1. The variable speed electric motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor. The direction in which the conducting wire is subjected to force in a magnetic field is related to the direction of current and magnetic line (magnetic field direction). The working principle of the motor is the action of the magnetic field on the current, which makes the motor turn.
    variable speed electric motor
    variable speed electric motor


  1. Variable speed electric motor provide a wide range of power from milliwatt to gw. The use and control of motor is very convenient, with the ability of self-starting, accelerating, braking, reversing, and controlling. Motor work efficiency is higher, there is no smoke, smell, do not pollute the environment, noise is less.


  1. Due to variable speed electric motor series of advantages, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commercial and household appliances, medical appliances and equipment.
    variable speed electric motor
    variable speed electric motor


  1. There are many methods of adjusting the speed of electric motor, which can adapt to the requirements of different production machines. Generally, the output power of the motor will change with the speed when the motor is adjusted. From the point of view of energy consumption, the speed adjustment can be roughly divided into two types: switch and keep the input power constant. Adjust the output power to adjust the speed of the motor by changing the energy consumption of the speed regulating device. The governor controls the input power of the motor to adjust the speed of the motor.


  1. The maximum output mechanical power that the speed of electric motor can bear under the specified operating system (continuous, short-term and intermittent operation system) without causing the motor to overheat is called its rated power, which should be noted on the nameplate when using.



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