MB-mechanical stepless speed changer gearbox gearmotor free sample

  1. Overview:

The structure of MB-mechanical continuously variable transmission gearbox gearmotor free sample is mainly composed of compacted driving wheel device, friction transmission mechanism and speed control mechanism, so it is favored by customers.


Gearbox gearmotor free sample
Gearbox gearmotor free sample

The working principle of the gearbox gearmotor free sample: the tapered driving wheel and the pressure plate are pressed by a set of disc springs, and the input shaft and the driving wheel are keyed to form a pressing active device. The friction wheel rotates while rotating, and drives the planet carrier to rotate through the central axis of the planetary friction wheel and the slider bearing. While turning the hand wheel to drive the speed control cam to change the angular position, the end face curve of the speed control cam acts on the end face curve of the plane pin and the fixed cam, so that the speed control cam generates axial movement, thereby uniformly changing the speed control cam and fixing The spacing between the rings causes the tapered planetary friction wheel to move radially. Finally, the working radius of the friction between the planetary friction wheel and the driving wheel, the pressure plate and the fixed ring, and the speed regulating cam is uniformly changed to achieve stable stepless speed change.


Due to the convenient design and stable transmission structure of the continuously variable transmission gearbox gearmotor free sample, it is widely used in food machinery, printing, papermaking machinery, rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and various working production lines. In the case of continuous changes in speed and speed, it also has the best working speed for exploring the machine during the trial production of new products.gearbox gearmotor free sample


  1. Performance characteristics:


1.MB-mechanical stepless speed changer is fully sealed and can be used in wet, dusty and mildly corrosive working environments.

  1. High strength: When adding impact or plant reversal, the machine has reliable performance and can rotate accurately without rear seat.
  2. Coaxial structure: the input shaft and the output shaft rotate in the same direction, and the volume is small and the weight is light.
  3. MBW type continuously variable transmission has high speed regulation accuracy: the speed regulation accuracy is 1--0.5 rpm, and the transmission range is large.
  4. Gearbox gearmotor free sample Stable performance: The transmission parts of the machine are subjected to special heat treatment, precision machining of the friction parts, good lubrication, stable operation, low noise and long service life.
  5. Strong combination ability: This machine can be combined with various types of reducers to achieve low speed, large torque gauge and constant shifting effect.
  6. 三. Technical Parameters:

Basic speed range: 200-1000 (r/min)

Gearbox gearmotor free sample
Gearbox gearmotor free sample

Combined with other reducer speed adjustment range: 0.001-2000 (r/min)

Torque range: 1.5-85870N.M

Power range: 0.18-22kW




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