Use and maintenance of reduction gear box and gear rack gearbox repairs

the installation of the reduction gear box

  1. In any case, it is not allowed to hammer the pulley, coupling, pinion or sprocket into the output shaft with a hammer, which will damage the bearing and the shaft.
  2. The reducer can only be installed on a flat, shock-absorbing, and torsion-resistant support structure.


二.the preparation of the reduction gear box before the operation

1, the operating temperature of the reduction gear box is 0~40.

  1. The blockage at the highest position should be replaced by the exhaust screw before use to ensure that the gas in the body is discharged when the gearbox is running.
  2. Check whether the size of the hole (or shaft) connected with the reducer meets the requirements. The tolerance of the hole should be H7 (axis tolerance is H6).

4, reduction gear box should be cleaned before installation. And check whether there are bruises and dirt on the installation shaft, if all should be cleaned.

gear rack gearbox repairs
gear rack gearbox repairs


  1. Use and maintenance of reduction gear box and gear rack gearbox repairs.
  2. The reduction gear box must not be used beyond the rated load.
  3. After the reduction gear box is installed, check whether it is flexible. Gear rack gearbox repairs.For the official use, please carry out the no-load test, and in the normal operation, the load is gradually loaded.
  4. Before use and during operation, the reduction gear box should check whether the oil level is normal. If the oil level is abnormal, the gear and gear mesh will be abnormal and affect the life of the gear box.


  1. The input shaft axis and the output shaft axis of the reducer are coaxial with the axis of the coupling portion, and the error thereof must not be greater than the allowable value of the coupling used.
    gear rack gearbox repairs
    gear rack gearbox repairs


  1. Due to the hard tooth surface, the reduction of the center distance causes the input shaft journal to be reduced, which is often thinner than the matching motor shaft. When the hydraulic coupler is used for dragging, the installation may be detrimental to the center, causing excessive stress on the dangerous cross section of the thinner input shaft and the possibility of breaking the shaft. Gear rack gearbox repairs. For this reason, it is recommended that the user place the fluid coupling on the motor shaft end and the elastic coupling on the input shaft end when designing.


  1. Precautions

After installation, the tank oil pool must be filled with lubricating oil, and the oil level should be at the specified height (between the upper and lower limit lines of the dipstick).

Before the official use, the reduction gear box must be flexible by hand, without jamming, and then run at no load for at least 2 hours. The operation is stable, no impact, vibration, noise and oil leakage, and the fault should be eliminated in time. The first injected lubricant needs to be replaced after 300 to 600 hours of operation. Thereafter, it will be updated every 1500~5000 hours, which is mainly determined by the working environment, but the maximum replacement time should not exceed 18 months. The oil plug should be cleaned at the same time when changing the oil.

In the operation, when the oil temperature suddenly rises and abnormal noise occurs, stop the inspection immediately.Gear rack gearbox repairs.It can be put into operation again after correct troubleshooting.


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