Detailed description of the performance parameters of the worm gear reducer transmission


The planetary gear reducers is composed of a planetary and a planetary wheel. In the past, the domestic planetary gear was basically 1 to 3 heads. Now many imported planetary gear reducers have 4 heads and 6 heads. A transmission that transmits motion and power between two axes that are interlaced in space. The angle between the two axes can be any value, and is usually 90°. This type of transmission is widely used in machine tools, automobiles, instruments, crane transport machinery, metallurgical machinery and other machines due to its compact structure, large transmission ratio, stable transmission and reliable self-locking under certain conditions. In the device. The planetary gear reducers is derived from the staggered shaft helical gear transmission. The pinion of the pinion is wound on the cylindrical surface for more than one week. Such a pinion is shaped like a screw and is called a planetary. The large gear is called a planetary gear. In order to improve the meshing condition, the busbar of the planetary wheel indexing cylindrical surface is changed into a circular arc shape, so that the planetary is partially wrapped, and the planetary wheel is processed by a hob having the same shape and parameters as the planetary, so that the tooth contact is in line contact. Can transmit more power.


Features of planetary gear reducers:

一, it is a special staggered shaft helical gear transmission, the stagger angle is ∑=90°, the transmission ratio is large and accurate. Usually the number of spirals of the planetary is the number of screws, if the number of planetary heads is z1, the planetary gear When the number of teeth is z2, the transmission ratio of the planetary drive is 2=n1/n2=z2/z1ω1/ωi=(3-60), usually the number of planetary heads is small (z1=1~4), and the number of teeth of the planetary gear is many (z2=30~ 80), so the planetary drive can obtain a large transmission ratio and make the mechanism more compact. The single-stage planetary drive transmission ratio i ≤ 100 ~ 300; when transmitting power, i = 5 ~ 83.

二, It has some characteristics of the screw drive, the planetary is equivalent to the screw, the planetary wheel is equivalent to the nut, and the planetary wheel partially accommodates the planetary. planetary material and planetary gear material not only need to have sufficient strength, but more importantly, have good running performance, wear resistance and anti-gluing performance. The planetary gear reducer drive often uses bronze or cast iron as the ring gear of the planetary gear, matching the hardened and ground steel planetary.

三, The transmission is smooth and noise-free. Because the meshing between the planetary and the planetary gear is continuous, the meshing teeth are more.

四, Regarding the self-locking problem, not all planetary gears can be used. When the spiral angle of the planetary is smaller than the equivalent friction angle of the meshing surface, self-locking can be achieved. = 0.4 to 0.45. η = 0.82 to 0.92. η = 0.75 to 0.82; when z1 = 3 to 4, η = 0.7 to 0.75; when z1 = 2, η

五, The transmission efficiency is relatively low. Only 60%, lower than the gear reducer of the same class.

六, Because of the large sliding speed at the meshing position, it will produce more severe friction and wear, causing heat and deteriorating the lubrication condition. Therefore, the planetary wheel is generally made of precious metals such as bronze.

planetary-gear reducer
planetary-gear reducer

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