JZQ/ZQ Helical Gear Box Drive Reducer for Open Mill

The open mill is the abbreviation of the open type refining machine, which is mainly composed of a roller, a distance adjusting device, a driving device (heavy service gear box and Y2 series 1.5hp motor ac induction motor), a steaming device and a roller temperature adjusting device. The main working part is a hollow roller or a drilling roller which rotates in two opposite directions, and the device is called a front roller on the operator side, and can be moved back and forth by manual or electric action to adjust the roller distance to meet the operation requirements. The rear roller is fixed and cannot be moved back and forth. The two rolls are generally the same size, and each rotates at different speeds. The raw rubber or rubber is rolled into the gap between the rolls as the roll rotates, and is subjected to strong shearing to achieve the purpose of mastication or mixing. The open mill is also used in plastic processing and other departments.

JZQ/ZQ Helical Gear Box drive reducer
JZQ/ZQ Helical Gear Box drive reducer

Correct operation:

  1. First adjust the roll distance to maintain the balance of the roll distance. If the size of the roller gap adjustment at both ends is different, the roller is biased and the device is easily damaged. This is strictly prohibited.
  2. After the work is completed, turn off the power and turn off the water, steam valve and zly series gearbox drive.
  3. When pulling the vehicle, pay attention to the surrounding situation, prevent collision and contact with people, and prevent heavy accidents from injuring people when loading.
  4. Adding habits are all added from the power input end (ZQ Helical Double Reduction Gearbox), in fact, this is unreasonable. From the perspective of the moment diagram and the torque diagram, the feed should be at the gear ratio end. Since the combined bending moment and torque of the transmission end are larger than the speed ratio gear end, a hard bulk rubber is first added to the transmission end, which is of course more likely to damage the equipment.
  5. When the machine fails, stop the action of the machine within the first time, do not claim it on its own, notify and wait for the mechanic of your company.
    JZQ/ZQ Helical Gear Box drive reducer
    JZQ/ZQ Helical Gear Box drive reducer

Check the repairs.


Commonly used in mixing equipment are open plasticizers, single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, and ect. Others include mixers and the latest twin-rotor continuous mixers.

In addition to plasticizing plastics, the open mill with Cycloidal Pin Wheel Gearbox Speed Reducer can also be used for the mixing of plastics, the mixing of fillers, the mixing of blended modified materials, the preparation of masterbatches, and the continuous plasticization of plastics for calenders. Wait. The plasticization of the plastic in the open mill is mainly accomplished by the strong shearing force, the pressing force and the heating of the roller surface.



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