Gearbox for electric winch

This electric winch is mainly used for vertical shafts of coal mines, metal mines and non-metal mines for upgrading minerals, decentralized materials, lifting personnel and equipment. Since the electrical equipment matched with this product is not explosion-proof, it cannot be used in places with flammable or explosive media such as gas and coal dust.


The product implements Q/HBWF006-2014 "Multi-rope Friction Hoist" enterprise standard, AQ1036-2007 "Safety Inspection Specification for Multi-rope Friction Hoist in Coal Mine" and GB/T10599-2010 "Multi-rope Friction Lifter" standard.

When the main motor is started, the motor rotor transmits the power to the high speed shaft of the Gearbox for electric winch through the elastic shaft coupling, and after being reduced by the Gearbox for electric winch, the keyed shaft of the Gearbox is transmitted to the spindle device through the gear coupling. The rope friction hoist adopts the principle of flexible body friction transmission drive. The wire rope is placed on the friction wheel, and the friction between the wire rope and the friction pad is used to raise and lower the heavy objects or personnel.

Gearbox for electric winch
Gearbox for electric winch
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