F series reducer for baldor motors power transmission is used in small space, slim design and ideal torque

We are best suited for gearboxes with small space applications. A wide range of mounting positions and variants ensure that the gearbox meets the needs of a wide range of applications in complex installation conditions while maintaining performance. It also has the inherent advantages of our reducers: maintenance-free, long operating life and zero-wear gears with high fatigue strength baldor motors power transmission.

Parallel shaft reducers offer a torque of 130 to 18,000 Nm despite their slim design.Ideal for installations where space is limited.

baldor motors power transmission
baldor motors power transmission


The parallel shaft helical gear reducer has a rated torque from 130 Nm to 18,000 Nm and is widely used in a variety of conveying and machining applications baldor motors power transmission.


Optional foot mounting, flange mounting or shaft mounting. The low backlash parallel shaft helical gear reducer can be used for precise positioning control and baldor motors  power transmission.



Simple design for small installation spaces

Provide low backlash

Available variants:

Foot or flange mounting

B5 or B14 flange mounting

Solid shaft or hollow shaft

Hollow shaft with keyway connection, locking disc, splined hollow shaft or TorqLOC®


二、F Series / Specifications 27 / 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97 / 107 / 127 / 157

Reducer Speed Ratio


3.77 – 281.71

Double reducer reduction ratio


87 – 31 434

Maximum output torque


130 – 18 000

Motor power range (installed via AM motor adapter)


0.12 – 200



  • F series reducer adopts high-quality forged steel material and steel cast iron box body. The surface of the gear is subjected to high-frequency heat treatment, and precision machining ensures the parallelism of the shaft and the accuracy of positioning. All of these constitute the gear reducer of the gear transmission assembly. The type of electrode forms an electrode integration, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the product.
    baldor motors power transmission
    baldor motors power transmission


四、Application range:

baldor motors Power transmission

Conveyor application

Chain conveyor

Process application



Screw conveyor

Gantry crane


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