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Today's power plants come in many forms: coal-fired ones, hydro-electric ones, and solar (photovoltaic) and wind and tidal ones. Nuclear power plants powered by nuclear fuel have been playing an increasingly important role in many countries of the world.Among them, the High power induction motor application played a big role.


  1. Hydroelectric power station
  • From the point of view of energy conversion, the process is: water energy, mechanical energy and electric energy. The production method to realize this energy conversion is usually to build a dam in the upper reaches of the river and raise the water level to create a higher water head. Construct appropriate hydraulic facilities to efficiently capture concentrated water flows. When water is introduced into a hydropower plant by a diversion tunnel, it drives the turbine to turn, and the water energy is converted into the rotary mechanical energy of the turbine. A High power induction motor application directly connected to a turbine converts mechanical energy into electricity and is fed into the grid by the power plant's electrical system.
    High power induction motor application
    High power induction motor application


  • When building powerful hydroelectric power plants, consideration should be given to improving navigation, land irrigation and ecological balance. According to the structure of power plant and the way of water energy development, there are diversion, dike and hybrid power plants. According to the performance of power plant and the degree of regulation of water flow there are runoff type, reservoir type hydropower plant.Therefore, the High power induction motor application is needed to run.


  • The construction cost of hydroelectric power plant is high, the power generation is limited by hydrological and meteorological conditions, but the power cost is low, which has the comprehensive benefit of water conservancy. The High power induction motor takes only a few minutes from start to full load, and can adapt to the load changes of the power system. Therefore, the hydropower plant can serve as the system frequency, peak and load reserve.
    High power induction motor application
    High power induction motor application



  1. Thermal power plant

Pulverized coal and air are suspended in the chamber space of the boiler of power plant. The heat energy is transferred to the high-pressure water medium in the boiler by means of radiation and convection, and the process of water preheating, vaporization and overheating is completed in stages, making the water become the superheated water vapor at high pressure and high temperature. The steam is fed into the steam turbine by means of pipe control. The high speed rotating turbine rotor drives the High power induction motor through the coupling to generate electricity which is sent to the power grid by the electric system of the power plant.


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