Complete set of planetary equipment for mine

Planetary gear reducer will be used Piston hydraulic motor IAM 500 as these planetary is moved for middle of IAM 500 model Piston Radial Motors;The structural component--POT must be complete between Planetary gear reducer and spur shaft pinsions with spline;then Crow is installed with the Spur shaft, and the most important thing is that Crown's teeth must be meshed with the teeth of the spur shaft. Otherwise, the entire equipment will not operate. After the whole set of equipment is assembled, it can play its role. All these planetaries work together to move a platform of a pool (mining thickeners) work like a clock moving a larger gear.


Introduction we make is only one of them.If you have different needs, we can make changes and combinations according to different requirements,because the planetary gear reducer adopts a modular design. In addition, if you need other reducer or other reducer equipment, we can also provide for you, our aim is that you have any needs, we will try our best and be happy to serve you.


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